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Dog Walker


Dog Walker Needed please email your CV to


Have you ever wanted to play with dogs all day long? But are not qualified we offer a Badge of Excellence Accredited by Open Awards and your own clients this is the ideal job for someone who loves caring for dogs and being outside who is energetic and fun loving and not afraid of getting muddy. 

Dog walking allows you to work independently, make lots of furry friends, and often keep a flexible and balanced work life schedule. Plus, both you and the pooches will get fresh air and exercise.


  • Control dogs of varying sizes and breeds we will train you to go out there to establish your own client base as well as having your own starter pack of clients. You’re comfortable being the boss of these dogs, keeping them safe, and not letting them walk you.

  • Schedule and meet with clients. Be your own boss with the safe and secure mind you are trained and competent to be in charge of managing which dogs you walk, at what time, and how often. You may need to discuss with clients how to pick up their dogs and return them securely.

  • Walk. Even when it’s cold or rainy outside, you’re still ready to take the dogs out, and you’re familiar with routes and parks that are good for them.


  • Fitness. It’s important to be in good shape when you’re walking a couple of dogs at a fast pace for a half hour or more. Some dogs need to be loaded in and out of cars and crates, so be prepared for some heavy lifting too.

  • Driving. While you don’t always need your own car, dog walkers need to commute around town quickly and carry dogs with them, which means driving a car. It also means having a phone that can help you navigate to new addresses. Our NARPS app lets you book in your own clients taking the worry out of time management the up-to-date reminder schedule and costing keep you in the know.

  • Communication skills. Keeping in touch with your, clients is so important to ensure you stay in touch with your clients as a dog walker as they like to know where their dogs are and that they’ve been walked.


Being passionate about animals and having experience working with them is a great first step to being a dog walker. A current DBS is essential for this role.


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