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About Our Pet Bakery

Your dog may prefer meat, but his digestive system is also geared up for rice, grains and vegetables. That's the conclusion of a new study, which finds that dogs have evolved to eat a more varied diet than their wild canids ancestors ‘call them wolves’. In our research a vegan diet is also a viable option for dogs. Why does the quality of food make a difference in your pet’s health? Simply put, food is body fuel, and life does not exist without it. The strength of your pet’s immune system, its resistance to disease, and its quality of life all depend on the type and quality of food that it eats.


There are two key nutritional steps:


Step 1: Feeding a diet rich with functional foods these food types provide health benefits beyond the provision of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, when they are consumed on a regular basis at effective levels as part of a varied diet.  Functional foods, are nutritional ingredients that switch on a gene’s expression to fight disease and switch off the expression to promote disease (Bauer, 2001; Kaput & Rodriguez, 2006).


Step 2: Reducing or eliminating foods that send harmful messages to the epigenome which is a multitude of chemical compounds that can tell the genome what to do. Environmental influences, such as a dog’s diet and exposure to pollutants, can also impact the epigenome. The genome of the domesticated dog, a close evolutionary relation to human, with this we can understand the human genome, this offers understanding about genes underlying diseases shared between dogs and humans, such as cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy. Generally measured in terms of calories, energy comes from three major dietary components: Carbohydrates Protein Fat. 


Our canine cookies are vegan friendly made to help support and develop your dog’s well-being the health benefits of our cookies help your dog by connecting tissues, opening the airways strengthening muscles and also supports a healthy balanced diet. Our baked goods are made fresh daily for order, they are hand baked each and every one of our products is lovingly hand-crafted using only organic grains, entirely natural ingredients, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, as we value our product we hand pack the cookies for delivery - we feel it’s important to know exactly what goes into them.   All of our ingredients are human grade quality which means that they're good enough for you or me to eat!  That’s how delicious these canine cookies are. A different grain for each day is part of the Waldorf teaching and connected to the cosmic origins of the days of the week.   A different grain a day fits in with the nourishing weekly rhythm which the body thrives on. 


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