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Training Centre

If you are interested in becoming a dog walker /dog handler, Trainer or Instructor we offer workshops and as a recognised training centre we can offer a recognised qualification from the,Open Awards, which can be delivered in your home or workplace by our tutors or in an individual or group session we invest in education, skills and life-long learning.


Our courses are aimed at the dog lover who wants to take their knowledge further either with their own dog or looking to venture into the world of dog training it’s also aimed at professionals within the industry who need to develop more and gain qualifications. The courses consist of a range of individually accredited canine courses to allow candidates to study any one course or any combination of courses to suit their personal requirements. 


Our Courses

  • Dog Walking Handling Skills

  • Dog Training Skills 

  • Canine Trainer

  • Understanding the Behaviour of the Domestic Dog 

  • Canine aggression 

  • The Rescue Dog 

  • Canine Health, Disease & Welfare

  • Canine Nutrition 

  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology 

  • Security Dog Handler (CPD)




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