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About our Company

Our Philosophy


We strive to use only positive training methods in all our sessions. Our objective as coaches is to teach you to teach your dog something they want to do, not something they have to do. We consider a dog’s mistake an opportunity to ‘fix’ a behaviour and to reward the dog for making the right ‘choices’. No harsh corrections in sessions. We use Positive Reinforcement to indicate that he has made the choice you desired. We want happy, motivated puppies and dogs who will offer new behaviours. As instructors we show you how to find out what motivates your dog in general looking at the most common types of drive and working positively within breed specific training methods there are 5 drives we mainly focus on. As part of our own philosophy many people ask us about nutrition and how it effects the dog’s health. What is a natural diet vs commercial diet? We feel How we feed our animals is closely tied to our own personal philosophies. There is no “one” method of feeding animals that is correct for all owners. To be successful, a diet must make both animal and owner happy.


Our Passion

Is to educate using a humanistic approach to develop the preserved health benefits in our products for dogs, our mission is to help owners become more confident handling their dogs creating a safe society without breed discrimination. With education and collaboration, we can achieve this. We envision a society which co-exists with the animal world giving the respect, and dignity to dogs who are our companions. To lead a society, in treating dogs as animals and to understand their needs.


Our Vision

Vision Statement

Our vision for our products is to keep developing people’s awareness towards perceived health benefits on a daily basis; while connecting holistically to the environment.

Our vision for our services is to focus on providing practical, hands-on activities and environments that encourage a safer community which co-insides with dogs. The emphasis is on developing individuals and students to use modes of understanding. The education focuses on developing critical understanding and fostering idealism of a safer community. 


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