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FAQ Canine Courses

All our Canine Studies are accredited through Open Awards all of our qualifications are credit-based, which means that you can build these up and add them together to achieve the full award each course is 6-12 weeks duration. We also offer a weekend residential Instructor course in the summer with your dog as the star pupil Theory and Practical. 


Assessment is optional and you only need to submit work if you want to take the Accredited route – alternatively you can take the courses just for your own interest. 


There are no pre-requisites for undertaking any of the courses. However we want to enrol candidates who will benefit from the course and have a good chance of success. 


If you wish to discuss your own circumstances and the suitability of the courses for your needs, then please contact the office on 0121 6039914 or 07855486107.


The cost for each course depends on the level as the starting price is £150 up to £450 which covers the Open Awards registration and certification fees if you choose to take the assessments funding available.


The Canine Studies course is Theory and Practical therefore you will learn in a classroom situation each week. You will be using your own dog or our teaching dog each week you can choose either to submit evidence via our assignments or submit all evidence through the practical side of the course there are no exams. Each course consists of between 4-7 modules. All the courses have a comprehensive reading list, which includes more professional books than can be found in the ‘high street’ shops. Whilst it should be possible to complete the course just from the course notes and your own experience, many people do wish to read around the topics in more depth. The more you put into the course, the more you will benefit.

All courses will be due to start in July 2016 more information will follow in June 2016 to enable you to plan also detail how to enrol.


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